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Bun B Explains Why a “Big Pimpin’ 2” Sequel Wasn’t Feasible for UGK



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“Big Pimpin'” stands out as one of the most iconic and successful crossover hits between the East Coast and the South. While a sequel might sound enticing, Bun B, one half of UGK, recently shed light on why they deemed it unfeasible. During an appearance on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast with Statik Selektah to discuss their new album Trillstatik 3, Bun B touched upon the topic of a potential “Big Pimpin’ 2.”

The Houston legend revealed that their label, Jive Records, had suggested the idea of creating a sequel to the hit track. However, Bun B succinctly explained why it wasn’t a viable option, considering both financial and creative reasons. He emphasized that UGK, particularly the late Pimp C, viewed the group as their “baby,” and they didn’t want to compromise their legacy with a single song collaboration that might not align with their artistic vision.

As Bun B recounted the label’s proposal for “Big Pimpin’ 2,” involving acquiring a Jay-Z verse, a beat from Timbaland, and a video from Hype Williams, he revealed the financial strain the first collaboration had caused them. The Trill Burgers boss questioned whether they would still receive a Hype Williams video if they opted not to collaborate with Jay-Z and Timbaland. He noted that the label was initially supportive, emphasizing the financial setback of approximately $2.5 million from their first collaboration.

Furthermore, Bun B theorized that Pimp C would not have considered a Jay-Z verse as “equal value” for a potential song-for-song trade agreement. Given the history of UGK and Pimp C’s initial reluctance to record “Big Pimpin'” out of respect for Tupac Shakur, the idea of a sequel may have been further complicated.

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In conclusion, Bun B expressed gratitude that the original “Big Pimpin'” remained intact and successful, avoiding the potential pitfalls of attempting to recreate its success. The article concludes with a tribute to Pimp C and invites readers to stay tuned for updates on Bun B, UGK, and Jay-Z.


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