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Allen Hughes Applauds 2Pac as a Trailblazer for Female-Centric Songs in Rap



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Allen Hughes, acclaimed filmmaker, recently commended 2Pac for his pioneering role in introducing “female-centric songs” within the male-dominated rap community. Reflecting on the impact of 2Pac’s track “Brenda’s Got A Baby,” Hughes highlighted its uniqueness as a single long verse, showcasing storytelling at its finest. Hughes expressed that even at the young age of 18, 2Pac crafted this song, which remains unparalleled in its portrayal of a female perspective, experience, and emotions.

In an interview with Hits Daily Double last month, Hughes emphasized 2Pac’s exceptional ability to consistently create songs from a female viewpoint. He noted that the rapper, known for his edge and intensity, revealed a softer and more demure side behind closed doors. Hughes praised 2Pac for being in touch with his feminine side, a quality that set him apart in an era dominated by notions of toxic masculinity.

Hughes debunked stereotypes about 2Pac, highlighting his emotional depth and sensitivity. Despite later potentially falling into the trap of toxic masculinity, 2Pac was unafraid to express vulnerability, shed tears, and engage in activities like poetry writing. Hughes also revealed 2Pac’s passion for reading, a characteristic that defied the norms of the hip-hop scene at the time.

In August 2023, Hughes referred to 2Pac as “delusional” but a “true artist” during discussions about their collaboration on “Dear Mama.” He emphasized that 2Pac’s artistic brilliance stemmed from his unique perspective, seeing the world through a lens that differed from conventional perceptions. According to Hughes, true artists share their delusions with the world, living in a dream that feels real to them.

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Hughes acknowledged that while 2Pac’s artistry may have seemed delusional to some, it was an essential part of what made him a remarkable artist. By subjecting audiences to his fantasies, 2Pac provided a glimpse into his distinct worldview, contributing to his enduring legacy in the world of hip-hop.

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