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Ice Cube Addresses Katt Williams’ Claims Regarding Rickey Smiley and “Friday After Next” Role



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Katt Williams’ recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast has stirred up controversy, with the comedian taking shots at various peers, including Kevin Hart, Diddy, Ludacris, and Cedric The Entertainer. A notable part of the interview involved Williams discussing his role in the film “Friday After Next,” where he accused Rickey Smiley of falsely claiming to be originally cast as Money Mike, a role eventually played by Williams.

Williams alleged that Smiley had a negative attitude on set, consistently arguing that the role should have been his. According to Williams, Smiley even had a contract drawn up, stating that he wouldn’t work with Williams unless he wore a dress. However, Ice Cube, the film’s creator, felt compelled to address these claims in a new clip.

Ice Cube clarified that when casting comedians, he looks for those he finds genuinely funny, and they audition for different roles. While acknowledging that Smiley did audition for Money Mike, Ice Cube emphasized that the role was never officially given to him. Instead, they believed Smiley would be ideal for the role of Santa Claus, a character of similar significance in the film. Ice Cube elaborated that Williams’ role expanded once he stepped into it, attributing the success to the “magic” Williams brought to the character.

Reflecting on Williams’ performance, Ice Cube expressed confidence in the decision, stating, “When I saw him, I just knew that he was perfect for Money Mike. The role was written, but he enhanced it. This is why Katt was so dope in the movie… He was on point.”

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The response from Ice Cube adds context to the behind-the-scenes dynamics of “Friday After Next” and counters Williams’ claims about Smiley’s involvement in the casting process. The controversy sparked by Williams’ interview continues to generate discussions among fans and the involved parties. What are your thoughts on Katt Williams’ viral Club Shay Shay appearance, and how do you interpret Ice Cube’s response to the claims about Rickey Smiley? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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