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Chris Brown’s Cinematic Promotion for ‘Bussin’ Weed Strain Ignites Online Buzz



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Chris Brown recently seized attention on social media by launching a unique promotional video for his latest weed strain, “Bussin.” Teaming up with “fully integrated cannabis operator” Originals, Brown’s creative approach featured him dancing through a growing facility to the rhythm of Curtis Mayfield’s song “Pusherman.” Fans and notable friends acclaimed the quality and entertainment value of the promo, suggesting it belonged on the big screen.

Celebrity Reactions:

Notable peers, including 50 Cent, Nick Cannon, and Christian Combs, expressed their amusement and approval under Brown’s social media post. 50 Cent jokingly questioned if it was a new Chris Brown movie, exclaiming, “Enough is enough, let’s get it!” Their positive feedback added to the growing excitement around Brown’s new venture.

Cannabis Venture and Musical Endeavors:

According to Black Cannabis Magazine, Brown is determined to provide an authentic and unique cannabis experience, aiming to set his strain apart from the skepticism often associated with celebrity-endorsed products. Despite his new forays into different ventures, Brown remains dedicated to his musical roots. Recently, he unveiled a track, “Sensational,” featuring Davido and Lojay. Additionally, the artist is rumored to be on the brink of releasing his next album, “11:11,” reportedly set for November 11. Both his recent track and the June release, “Summer Too Hot,” are expected to feature in this upcoming album.

Upcoming Prospects and Legal Challenges:

While Brown has an array of exciting prospects on the horizon, legal entanglements pose potential setbacks. Recent reports indicated a new lawsuit against Brown, linked to a nightclub altercation in London. Allegedly involved in a violent incident that led to one man’s hospitalization, Brown faces legal hurdles despite his ongoing creative and business ventures.

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Share Your Thoughts:

What are your impressions of Chris Brown’s innovative promotional video for the “Bussin” weed strain? Are you considering trying it? Share your opinions and join the conversation in the comments section below.

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