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Chrisean Rock Reflects on Social Media Feud Fallout and Unseen Challenges in the Music Industry



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Chrisean Rock, at the mere age of 23, boasts an impressive resume, yet her recent ordeal with Blueface on social media served as a stark reminder that wisdom comes from experience, not just achievements. A dispute with Blueface following the birth of their child led Rock to collaborate with Lil Mabu on a contentious diss track titled “MR. TAKE YA B*TCH.” While the song has soared to trending heights on TikTok’s music chart, Rock revealed she hasn’t reaped any financial benefits from her hard work, underscoring an eye-opening realization.

Live Revelation and Insights:

During a recent Live session, the Baddies cast member clarified that her intent wasn’t to criticize Lil Mabu, dissociating him from the financial matter. Rock expressed her dissatisfaction with the lack of clear communication from Mabu’s team, highlighting her perceived treatment as “some naive little Black girl.” Despite the setback, she emphasized a determination not to let the experience affect her emotionally. Instead, she’s using the incident as a learning curve, seeking lessons to pave a better path forward for herself and her child.

Cautioning the Industry:

Offering insight and a cautionary tale, Rock emphasized the importance of understanding the business side of the music industry, advising fellow artists to ensure clarity before venturing into collaborative projects. Having navigated her career primarily through independent channels like YouTube without signing to any label, Rock admitted her limited knowledge of the logistical aspects of music releases, possibly due to Blueface and his team handling these aspects during their relationship.

Collaborative Events and Resilience:

Despite the ongoing social media drama, Rock continues to spend time with Lil Mabu, her collaborator, who has faced accusations of leveraging her fame for personal gain. Notwithstanding the friction, the “Cr*zy In Love” artist remains resilient and committed to her music endeavors. Yet, the public remains curious: would you attend a Chrisean Rock concert if the opportunity arose? Share your thoughts in the comments section and discover the latest updates from the dynamic duo’s packed and eventful Halloween weekend.

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Chrisean Rock’s recent experiences underscore the unexpected challenges faced by young artists in the industry. As she navigates these trials, her willingness to share insights and lessons learned provides a cautionary tale to aspiring musicians. The unfolding saga highlights the need for artists to remain informed about the business side of their craft, ensuring clarity and avoiding potential exploitation, ultimately securing a more informed and empowered future in the music world.

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