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Rare 2Pac Memorabilia from His Prison Stay Available for Avid Collectors



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Two exceptional pieces of memorabilia connected to the iconic rapper 2Pac, stemming from his 11-month incarceration period, have recently become available for purchase. The items, previously unseen, offer a unique glimpse into the life of the late artist during his time at the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York, where he was serving time on sexual abuse charges. The memorabilia, comprising a previously-unreleased booking photo and a prison ID card, are now up for sale, presenting an opportunity for dedicated fans to own a piece of hip-hop history.

2Pac’s Prison Journey:

During his 11-month prison stay, 2Pac found himself at the center of a highly publicized legal battle. He was convicted of sexual abuse charges but successfully appealed his conviction, leading to his release in October 1995. This chapter in his life now comes to life through the exclusive memorabilia, offering collectors a unique connection to the rap legend.

Rare Items on Sale:, a reputable platform for historical artifacts, has listed the 2Pac booking photo for a price of $35,000. Alongside this striking image, enthusiasts will find his prison ID card, which carries a heftier price tag of $75,000. Those who are fortunate enough to acquire the ID card will also receive a handwritten note personally crafted by 2Pac himself. This note accompanies the form filled out by 2Pac, requesting a replacement ID card after the loss of his original one. The note, with his iconic signature, reads: “I lost my ID and need a new one. Thank you.”

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Unique Provenance:

According to TMZ, these invaluable items were originally given to one of 2Pac’s family members upon his release from prison. Over the years, they have found their way into the hands of a collector who is now making them available to avid fans and collectors alike. This sale comes shortly after the artist’s original prison ID was auctioned, fetching an impressive $30,000. Given the enduring fascination with 2Pac, fueled by recent events like Keefe D’s arrest, it is anticipated that these rare items will find new homes promptly.

Upcoming Auction:

In addition to this rare offering, it was recently revealed that GottaHaveRockAndRoll will be hosting an auction featuring two vintage mugshots of 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. in November. Furthermore, a prized piece of rare footage showcasing Biggie’s final concert, reportedly in impeccable condition, will be available to the highest bidder. The two polaroid mugshots are projected to fetch approximately $40,000 each, while the unique footage is expected to command a staggering sum of up to $2 million. The allure of 2Pac’s legacy continues to captivate fans and collectors, making these artifacts highly sought after.

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