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Chrisean Rock Accuses Blueface of Deleting Intimate Tape, Reigniting Public Feud



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Chrisean Rock, an ex-flame of Blueface, has once again taken to the public arena, accusing the rapper of breaching her privacy by allegedly going through her phone and deleting a tape capturing their intimate moments.

The controversy emerged on Thursday, November 2, when a video surfaced on Instagram, shared via The Neighborhood Talk, featuring the reality TV star expressing her frustration towards her baby’s father, Blueface. Rock divulged the cause of their recent altercation, alleging that the rapper had gone through her phone and threatened to delete the intimate footage they had recorded together.

“I blocked you because I realized you went through my phone,” Rock asserted. She went on to describe Blueface’s alleged actions: “He said, ‘Bitch, give me your phone. Let me start deleting shit out your phone. Let me delete that sex tape we just made.'”

Expressing her anger, Rock addressed the rapper, exclaiming, “Boy, stop being a fucking weird ass bitch. The f*ck. Keep it p.”

This accusation is the most recent in a series of public confrontations Rock has initiated against the off-beat rapper over the past few weeks.

Rock also made a brief appearance during Kai Cenat’s week-long livestream from a staged “jail” on Monday, October 30, taking a jab at her ex. Attempting to involve the viewers, she asked, “Audio, if it’s your birthday make some noise. Can I get everybody in the chat to say, ‘F*ck Blueface!’ Can Y’all hear me? We’re testing the audio.”

Despite Rock’s attempts to draw attention to their dispute, Kai tried to steer clear of any conflict by stating he has no inclination to be involved in Chrisean’s grievances, saying, “I’m cool with everybody. Free the world. I love everybody.”

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In response to Rock’s recent public grievances, Blueface hasn’t directly addressed the situation. Instead, he proposed to his current girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis, with whom he shares two children. Notably, the rapper proposed at a Los Angeles Rams game last month.

Despite Rock’s attempts to discredit the news, claiming the proposal was a publicity stunt and insinuating that the ring used for the occasion was initially hers, both Blueface and Jaidyn appear unfazed by the public feud.

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