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Chrisean Rock Addresses Romantic Rumors Amidst Drama with Blueface



Chrisean Rock Addresses Romantic Rumors on Instagram Live
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Chrisean Rock, known for her association with Blueface, has been at the center of romantic rumors following a documented Instagram Live blowout with her ex. Despite the chaos, the 23-year-old is now navigating attention from both male and female suitors, challenging her previously declared preference for men.

In a recent livestream, Chrisean Rock addressed the attention she received from women, firmly stating, “I don’t eat puy. These bches wanna come home. What they wanna come home for? I got no d**k for them.” Amidst introductions from her entourage, one enthusiastic woman declared herself as Rock’s girlfriend, to which Rock promptly denied the claim. Despite the assertion, the woman persisted, suggesting she might be the right fit for Rock. The stream continued with playful banter between the two.

Chrisean Rock is actively participating in social media discussions about her relationship with Blueface. Following Blueface’s announcement of buying a new home for their son, Jaidyn Alexis, Rock contradicted the claim, stating that the rapper’s co-star is funding the purchase herself.

Whether addressing personal matters or commenting on her relationship with Blueface, Chrisean Rock remains a prominent figure in the spotlight. Stay tuned for more updates on her personal life and reactions to ongoing developments.

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