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Lil Mabu and Fivio Foreign’s Collaboration, “TEACH ME HOW TO DRILL,” Explores White Rapper’s Self-Awareness



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Lil Mabu’s latest track, “TEACH ME HOW TO DRILL,” featuring Fivio Foreign, marks a notable departure in the white drill rapper’s style. The song reflects a level of self-awareness as Lil Mabu acknowledges his privilege and recognizes his detachment from the genre, particularly in the New York scene where Fivio Foreign is a prominent figure. The Upper East Side native adopts a cheeky approach throughout the track, embracing his identity rather than attempting to project a tougher image.

However, the collaboration also delves into a sensitive topic—the use of the “N-word.” Lil Mabu explicitly states that he can’t say it, prompting Fivio to “say it for him” during their verses. The proximity of Fivio’s line and Lil Mabu’s ad-libs led to speculation and confusion, with some believing Lil Mabu had uttered the word. Addressing the controversy, Lil Mabu responded to media reports and asked fans for support, prompting discussions around the song’s lyrics.

Watch the music video below to form your own judgment on the matter. Despite the controversy, “TEACH ME HOW TO DRILL” is considered an improvement from Lil Mabu’s previous work.

Caption: Lil Mabu and Fivio Foreign Collaborate on “TEACH ME HOW TO DRILL”

This collaboration is not Lil Mabu’s first foray into the rap scene. His track “MR. TAKE YA B***H” with Chrisean Rock achieved chart success, highlighting his growing influence in the industry. Lil Mabu has also been involved in controversies, including a public feud with Blueface, the ex-boyfriend of reality TV star Chrisean Rock. Rumors of a romantic involvement between Lil Mabu and Rock surfaced, but their current relationship status remains unclear.

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Meanwhile, Fivio Foreign has been active in the holiday season, releasing material such as a drill-infused rendition of “Last Christmas” with Lil Tjay. As these artists continue to make waves in the rap world, their authenticity and respect for the craft will likely be scrutinized by listeners. Stay tuned for more news and updates on Fivio Foreign and Lil Mabu.

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