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Chrisean Rock Claims Substantial Earnings on Snapchat Amid Blueface Reunion



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Chrisean Rock, in a surprising turn of events, accompanied her on-and-off-again partner Blueface as he turned himself in for probation violations, even bringing their son Chrisean Jr. along. While fans express concern over their apparent reconciliation, Chrisean has made bold claims during a recent Instagram livestream about her financial success and the unfair pay for Black female reality stars.

During the livestream, Chrisean asserted that she earns nearly a million dollars a week solely from her Snapchat page, which her team helps manage. Claiming to make around $22,000 to $23,000 every four to five hours on Snapchat, she suggested that the return of celebrities to the platform is due to lucrative payments, possibly to prevent Snapchat from going out of business. This would imply a weekly income between $735,000 and $966,000, a monthly sum of almost $4 million, and an annual figure of approximately $40 million.

While some fans questioned the credibility of these financial claims, Chrisean took the opportunity to comment on what she perceives as unfair pay for Black female reality stars. She expressed reluctance to return to the show “Baddies,” citing a refusal to compromise on her value and fee for appearances. Chrisean lamented the lack of recognition and value for young Black women in the industry.

Despite the skepticism surrounding her financial statements, Chrisean Rock continues to explore her career, recently remixing Sexyy Red’s “Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad)” and leaving fans curious about her future endeavors.

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