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Wack 100 Blames Blueface’s Arrest on Chrisean Rock, Alleging Probation Violation



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Wack 100, the music manager, has pointed fingers at Chrisean Rock for Blueface’s recent arrest following the rapper’s voluntary surrender for a probation violation last week. Blueface is currently incarcerated at Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles, with his release scheduled for July 2, 2024. Wack expressed his frustration in response to a video of Rock supporting Blueface during his surrender, commenting on Instagram, “CAP JUST A CLOUT MOVE. SHE’S THE REASON WHY HE’S IN THERE. KNOCK OFF THE CAP.” The exact nature of Blueface’s probation violation remains unclear, but both Wack 100 and Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, have placed blame on his former partner.

Saffold took to her Instagram Story to share her perspective, asserting that Rock contributed to Blueface’s legal troubles. She stated, “Jaidyn got him one charge, Rock got him the one that violated the other.” Saffold emphasized her concerns about the relationship, expressing that she did not want them together due to the potential consequences. She mentioned incidents involving Blueface’s probation and the actions of the two mothers of his children. Despite the familial tension, Saffold conveyed her love for all parties involved and urged everyone to heed parental advice.

Amid Blueface’s incarceration, he has also been involved in a public feud with Soulja Boy on social media. Despite their ongoing conflict, Soulja Boy expressed that he does not wish for Blueface to remain in jail, emphasizing that he wouldn’t wish such a fate even on his worst enemy. Stay tuned for further updates on Wack 100 and Blueface’s situation.

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