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Chrisean Rock Claps Back at Karlissa Saffold Amid Ongoing Feud



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The feud between Chrisean Rock and Karlissa Saffold has reached new heights, with tensions escalating over the paternity of Chrisean Jr. The rift, fueled by Saffold’s disapproval of Rock’s relationship with Blueface, has intensified since the birth of their son.

Saffold’s recent remarks casting doubt on the child’s paternity sparked a fiery response from Rock, who vehemently defended herself and her parenting decisions. In a scathing social media rant, Rock lashed out at Saffold, vowing to prevent any interaction between Chrisean Jr. and his grandmother.

Rock’s impassioned retort underscored the deep-seated animosity between the two, with Rock asserting that Saffold’s absence from her grandson’s life is intentional and permanent. Despite Saffold’s claims and criticism, Rock remains steadfast in her resolve to shield Chrisean Jr. from any potential negativity.

The ongoing feud, marked by mutual disdain and public confrontations, shows no signs of abating. As both parties remain entrenched in their positions, the prospect of reconciliation appears distant. However, with Blueface’s impending release from jail, there is speculation that he may seek to mediate and mend the fractured relationship.

As the saga unfolds, the public awaits further developments and potential resolution in the contentious dispute between Chrisean Rock and Karlissa Saffold.

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