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Iggy Azalea Makes a Splash in Green Bikini Amid Speculations on Music Career



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Despite hints of retirement and a recent album titled “The End Of An Era,” Iggy Azalea seems far from calling it quits on her music career. Last year, she dropped the single “Money Come,” which quickly gained traction with over 3 million streams on Spotify. The accompanying music video added to the buzz, amassing 6 million views.

Azalea kept the momentum going with a remix of “Money Come,” featuring fresh verses from Ivorian Doll and Big Boss Vette. While updates on her musical endeavors have been sparse, the Australian rapper has maintained an active presence on Instagram, offering glimpses into her life.

In a recent post, Azalea unveiled her newfound fondness for the color green in a captivating photo series. Donning a green bikini, she exuded confidence while showcasing her affinity for the vibrant hue. Fans flooded the comments with adoration, praising her choice and showering her with compliments.

However, Azalea’s social media presence hasn’t been without controversy. In recent months, she’s openly criticized Playboi Carti, with whom she shares a child, for his perceived lack of involvement in parenting. Despite Carti’s silence on the matter, Azalea has remained outspoken about her frustrations.

Earlier this year, Azalea hinted at retirement from music, a decision she seems to be sticking to for now. While she continues to engage with fans online, there’s been no indication of new music on the horizon.

As speculation swirls around Azalea’s future in music, her vibrant green-themed photoshoot adds fuel to the ongoing conversation. What are your thoughts on Iggy Azalea’s latest bikini pics? Do you think green suits her as well as she claims? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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