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Chrisean Rock Faces Backlash Over Alleged Colorist Remarks During Instagram Live



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Chrisean Rock is no stranger to controversy among her fanbase, but her recent comments on Instagram Live have sparked perhaps the fiercest backlash yet. Many fans expressed dissatisfaction with her decision to reconcile with Blueface, given their tumultuous history as a couple. Despite hopes for growth and moving past past issues, the Baltimore native’s full support for the California rapper, especially amidst his current incarceration, has disappointed many.

During her most recent Instagram Live session, Rock drew further criticism for what appeared to be racially charged comments directed at a viewer. “That forehead and that synthetic weave you got in there,” Rock remarked, seemingly based on the viewer’s profile picture. “Who’s eating me up? You’re broke as st and you’re ugly with a fat-a nose. You don’t even -– and I know you don’t like your complexion, ’cause you look like one of them type of girls.” Her remarks were met with condemnation from her audience, with some labeling them as colorist and inappropriate, particularly during Black History Month.

Responses to Rock’s comments varied, with one commenter stating, “Colorism on the 8th day of Black History Month is Nasty work,” while another expressed frustration, saying, “Can we actually cancel her for good? I’m tired of seeing her.” The polarizing reactions underscore the ongoing challenges Rock faces in maintaining her public image.

Despite the backlash, Rock continues to navigate controversy across various realms, including politics and religion. Recently, she waded into the Israel-Palestine conflict, critiquing both groups for not acknowledging Jesus. These contentious remarks only add fuel to the fire surrounding her public persona.

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While Rock has garnered significant family support and endured personal challenges as a single mother, her propensity for controversy shows no signs of abating. As opinions remain divided, it remains to be seen how Rock will navigate the ongoing scrutiny and maintain her relevance in the public eye.

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