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Chrisean Rock’s First Hot 100 Hit with “Mr. Take Ya B*tch”



Chrisean Rock, in the limelight recently, has marked a significant career milestone with her inaugural entry onto the Billboard Hot 100, thanks to her collaboration with Lil Mabu on the Blueface diss track “Mr. Take Ya B*tch.” Although the song has been in circulation for a few weeks, it surged in popularity following a particular event. Rock’s live performance of the track at a Miami party, coincidentally attended by Blueface, led to a substantial uptick in streaming numbers and increased attention for the diss track.

Apart from her musical success, Rock offered a heartfelt glimpse into her personal life, expressing her joy in motherhood. In a tweet, she shared her affection as a new mom to her child born a few months ago. Fans poured support into the comments section, emphasizing the adorableness of her motherly moments. “I love seeing clips of you being a mommy, it’s always the cutest thing,” echoed one supportive comment, while another enthused, “See the blessing, oh my goodness, so precious.”

Rock also updated her followers on her child’s progress, sharing the joy of celebrating her baby turning two months old and informing fans about hiring a nanny to assist with childcare. Expressing pride in her baby’s growth and health, she reassured her followers after the child underwent surgery the previous month, emphasizing his strength and growth.

However, the good news was slightly marred by drama involving Blueface. During an appearance on The Jason Lee Show, Rock made controversial comments about Blueface, alleging his desire for a “slave” rather than a girlfriend. Blueface vehemently refuted these claims, firing back at Rock for her alleged victimization. The heated exchange escalated when both crossed paths at the Miami event, with Blueface accusing Rock of stalking him. The situation remains a point of contention between the two artists.

With Rock’s breakthrough onto the Billboard Hot 100 and the mixed bag of her personal life updates, fans are divided in their opinions. What are your thoughts on Chrisean Rock’s first Hot 100 appearance? Share your views in the comments section below.

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