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Christina Mackey Responds to Criticism Over Relationship with Rick Ross, Calls Out Haters in Empowering Video



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Earlier this week, Christina Mackey shared intimate moments with her new partner, Rick Ross, accompanied by motivational captions encouraging followers to “use it as motivation.” However, the response took an unexpected turn as numerous comments surfaced criticizing Ross for his past relationships.

In a repost by The Shade Room, negative comments reached a point where Mackey felt compelled to address the negativity. Defending herself in the comments, she called out the mean-spirited nature of the remarks, urging supporters to focus on the genuine happiness shared by two individuals.

Taking matters into her own hands, Mackey shared a response video on Instagram, turning the spotlight back on the critics. In the video, she confronts the haters, accusing them of jealousy and emphasizing her disregard for their opinions in the face of her own accomplishments.

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Despite her empowering message, critics continued their negative commentary. One top comment expressed confusion over people making videos to assert their indifference to internet opinions. Rick Ross, on the other hand, remains unfazed, recently collaborating with Meek Mill on the album “Too Good To Be True.” While some, like 50 Cent, attempted to mock the album’s sales, Ross and Meek focused on the pride of owning their music. What are your thoughts on Christina Mackey’s response to criticism? Share your opinions in the comments section below

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