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Controversy Unveiled: Allegations of Privacy Invasion and Unpaid Dues Surround Kataleya and Kandle”





New allegations suggest that Kataleya and Kandle’s management installed cameras in their house without consent and haven’t paid them since August.

Rumors of a possible split between the duo have circulated for over a week, sparked by former NBS TV presenter Isaac Kaiyz Kawalya and amplified by media personalities like Crysto Panda and Calvin the Entertainer.

Calvin claimed in a tweet that the duo was suspended for indiscipline, alleging media-driven falsehoods to terminate their 10-year contract. “Well-calculated falsehoods are being shared in the media intended to arm-twist the label to let them off the contract,” Calvin tweeted.

Amid allegations, the management has remained silent. Entertainment critic Senga Acid, in a Snapchat video, alleged unfair treatment and non-payment of wages since August. She also claimed the management invaded privacy by installing cameras in their house.

The saga continues with twists, including revelations of CCTV cameras installed without consent. Kataleya and Kandle’s management is yet to release an official statement. (Video via Senga Acid’s Snapchat) #KataleyaAndKandle #EntertainmentNews



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