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Cristina Mackey Addresses Breakup Rumors with Rick Ross in Instagram Live



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Speculation surrounding the status of Cristina Mackey and Rick Ross’s relationship has been rife lately, with rumors suggesting they’ve called it quits. Amidst the gossip, Mackey took to Instagram Live from the gym to set the record straight, revealing that they indeed broke up a while ago, and she’s moved on.

Known for her candid Instagram Live sessions, Mackey doesn’t shy away from discussing personal matters with her followers. During a recent session, she addressed the breakup rumors head-on, asserting that she’s already moved past it. However, not everyone seems convinced by her assertions.

While Mackey maintains she’s doing well post-breakup, some viewers in the comments section expressed skepticism. Some speculated that her frequent gym visits and social media activity were attempts to attract a new partner. Others poked fun at her cooking skills, jokingly attributing the split to a mishap in the kitchen.

The response from Mackey’s followers reflects a mix of opinions, with some questioning the sincerity of her statements. As the speculation continues, Mackey’s Instagram Live sessions offer a glimpse into her post-breakup life, leaving fans curious about what’s next for her.

What are your thoughts on Cristina Mackey’s recent comments about her breakup with Rick Ross? Do you believe she’s genuinely moved on, or do you think there’s more to the story? Share your thoughts below, and stay tuned for further updates on this developing situation

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