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Democratic Party Hosts Iftar Dinner for Muslim Community, Emphasizing Unity and Friendship



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In a gesture of solidarity and inclusivity, Uganda’s Democratic Party warmly welcomed members of the Muslim community for an Iftar dinner at the party’s headquarters in Balintuma. The event, attended by prominent figures including National Resistance Movement Vice Chairman Al Hajji Moses Kigongo, served as a platform to underscore the importance of unity among Muslims.

During the gathering, Kigongo, representing the NRM, emphasized the value of unity, stressing that regardless of differences, unity should remain paramount as it binds individuals together, transcending tribal affiliations. “In NRM, we advocate for unity as it is the cornerstone of progress. Tribalism only serves to divide us,” Kigongo emphasized, urging attendees to prioritize harmony.

As a special guest, Kigongo reminded the Muslim faithful of the significance of the Quran as a guiding principle for life. He commended DP President Nobert Mao for his friendship and support, highlighting the shared values that unite them. “Mao’s efforts resonate with our vision for unity, and our bond goes beyond politics,” Kigongo disclosed, expressing gratitude for Mao’s contribution to fostering cohesion.

In his address, Kigongo denounced the use of derogatory language and divisive rhetoric among politicians, advocating instead for mutual respect, collaboration, and forgiveness, especially during the holy month of Ramadan and beyond.

The Iftar Dinner, organized by the DP on Thursday evening, drew a large turnout from the Muslim community. Representing the DP, National Vice Chairman Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde emphasized the importance of togetherness and unity, reaffirming these as fundamental principles for societal cohesion and progress.

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