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Ffumbe Clan Chief Appeals for Eviction of Land Grabbers from Ancestral Land



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The head of the Ffumbe Clan, Omutaka Walusimbi, Mbirozankya Yusufu Kigumba Makubuya, has made a fervent plea to authorities to intervene and expel land grabbers from the clan’s ancestral site at Bakka Hill, Busiro in Wakiso District.

Mbirozankya clarified that contrary to rumors, he did not sell the clan’s customary land to President Museveni. The land is registered under a trust, with multiple trustees, including himself.

He further explained that in line with guidance from the Kabaka of Buganda, all clan land in Buganda was registered under a trust. The Ffumbe Clan land is registered as the Registered Trustees of the Ffumbe Clan, with the clan head “O’wakasolya” and four sub-clan heads “Amasiga” serving as trustees.

Blaming unscrupulous individuals for spreading falsehoods to discredit him and seize the Ffumbe ancestral land, Mbirozankya asserted that the land in question has been culturally owned by the clan for over three centuries.

Despite recent setbacks, including the cancellation of the planned tour, Carti remains an influential figure in the music industry. He made the announcement following the recent appointments of a five-member committee to mobilize and assist in reclaiming part of the ancestral land. The committee, led by Eng William Ssebaggala, includes lawyer Felix Kintu Nteza, Dr. Ronald Ssengendo, businessman Simon Peter Lubwama, and Dr. Edith Nakku.

The committee’s primary objective is to coordinate efforts to remove land grabbers from the clan’s ancestral land, safeguard cultural headquarters (embuga), and other cultural sites from encroachment.

Expressing concern over the situation, Ffumbe clan publicist Kisitu Musajjaliddeki Petero Lukayanirwa highlighted the fear among clan members and the sluggish response from the law. He debunked claims of land grabbing, citing evidence from former clan head Semei Kiwanda, who apologized for selling part of the clan land in 1994.

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Kisitu emphasized the stark difference between Kiwanda’s personal land titles and the clan land, registered under the head of the clan’s name, Walusimbi. He also dismissed claims of reduced land ownership rights of clan members, refuting assertions that the land belonged to their grandfather, who was once a clan head.

The appeal for intervention underscores the urgency to protect ancestral lands and cultural heritage from encroachment and exploitation by unscrupulous individuals.

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