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DJ Khaled Expands His Brand with Tommy Hilfiger Golf Apparel Collaboration



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DJ Khaled, a versatile figure in the entertainment industry, has consistently demonstrated his ability to venture into various domains. Starting as a DJ, he cultivated an extensive network, establishing friendships with numerous influential personalities. Over the years, he has released anthems and collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Anticipation is building for his upcoming project later this year, featuring two tracks with Drake and potential appearances from artists like Lil Baby, Quavo, Travis Scott, and Lil Wayne.

In a recent development, DJ Khaled has forged partnerships not only with Gatorade, as previously reported, but also with Tommy Hilfiger. The collaboration introduces new golf apparel, seamlessly blending the iconic Hilfiger aesthetic and colors with the distinctive We The Best branding. Khaled expresses immense excitement about this venture, reflecting his ability to transcend traditional boundaries.

The collaboration took an interesting turn when Khaled enthusiastically shared the collection with Travis Scott. The video showcases their excitement upon meeting, offering a close look at one of the key pieces in the collection – a polo shirt. Once again, Khaled’s ability to navigate diverse niches becomes evident.

The new DJ Khaled collection has sparked curiosity among fans. Are you planning to acquire any pieces from this collaboration? Additionally, if you haven’t already, check out Khaled’s recent collaboration with Gatorade. Stay tuned  for the latest updates and news from the music world, ensuring you stay informed about upcoming projects from your favorite artists in 2024.


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