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Drake Breaks Silence with Instagram Snaps Amid Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Track, NAV’s Alleged Loyalty Shift



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Approximately 54 hours after Kendrick Lamar’s scathing verse on “Like That” took shots at him and J. Cole, Drake finally broke his silence. However, instead of a direct response, the Canadian rapper took to Instagram to share snaps from his Big As The What? tour with J. Cole, his fellow target on Kendrick’s diss track. Captioning the post with a line from NAV’s “Turks” featuring Travis Scott and Gunna, Drake wrote, “I ain’t picking up I’m in Turks lil baby,” sparking further intrigue among fans.

Adding to the intrigue, keen-eyed internet sleuths noticed that NAV appeared to have unfollowed Drake on Instagram, leading to speculation about loyalty shifts within the rap community. One plausible explanation could be NAV’s allegiance to Metro Boomin, who has his own history of friction with Drake. Given their collaborative projects and close ties, NAV’s decision to “pick a side” aligns with the recent release of Future and Metro Boomin’s joint album, WE DON’T TRUST YOU, where Kendrick’s diss track made waves.

The dynamics within this group of artists, once tightly knit, now appear to be shifting, with conflicting loyalties emerging amid the fallout from Kendrick’s diss track. However, Drake and J. Cole’s response—or lack thereof—during their Saturday night tour stop in Florida suggests that they are not in a rush to react. Instead, they focused on delivering an electrifying performance alongside Lil Wayne, perhaps indicating that they are unfazed by the brewing beef.

Despite the apparent calm, the competitive spirit between Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, as well as the anticipation from fans, suggests that a response may be imminent. In the meantime, media personalities like DJ Akademiks are dissecting the beef and offering their own theories, keeping fans engaged and speculating on the unfolding drama.

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As the hip-hop world eagerly awaits further developments, what are your thoughts on this brewing feud? Do you believe Drake and J. Cole will eventually respond to Kendrick Lamar’s diss track? Share your opinions in the comments section below, and stay tuned for the latest updates on Drake’s response.

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