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Blueface and His Mother Not Speaking Amidst Dispute



Blueface and his mother, Karlissa Saffold, have a history of public disagreements, though it seemed they had reconciled recently. However, a recent revelation from Saffold on Instagram indicates otherwise.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Saffold shared screenshots of text messages urging her to apologize to Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of Blueface’s first two children. Saffold explained that she’s not inclined to extend an apology, asserting that Jaidyn initiated the conflict.

“We don’t speak because he ain’t know why I was talking sh*t to Jay and then wanted me to apologize,” Saffold wrote. “I never told him what she said until he started acting funny and I still didn’t apologize.”

Saffold also posted a clip from Blueface’s 2022 interview with Bootleg Kev, where he expressed enjoying the environment at his restaurant, likening it to feeling “like a kid again.” In response, Saffold questioned Blueface’s portrayal of his childhood, implying that if it were truly negative, he wouldn’t reminisce fondly about it.

In her caption, Saffold expressed her frustration, suggesting that Blueface’s positive sentiments about his childhood contradict her experiences. She concluded by requesting privacy.

What are your thoughts on Blueface and his mother not speaking? Are you surprised by her refusal to apologize to Jaidyn Alexis? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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