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Druski’s Reality Show Trailer “Coulda Been House” Drops with Star-Studded Cameos



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Druski’s latest venture into reality television, “Coulda Been House,” has set the internet abuzz with its star-studded trailer, featuring appearances from hip-hop icons Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown.

The trailer, released on YouTube on Saturday (February 10), offers a glimpse into the comedic world of Druski as he navigates the concept of his reality show, seemingly inspired by the format of Big Brother. Snoop Dogg makes a cameo as a de facto label head, reminiscent of Making the Band, adding a touch of authenticity to the parody.

However, the trailer swiftly transitions through various reality TV tropes, incorporating elements such as arrests, angry judges, ambulances, and even TMZ, creating a hilarious and chaotic montage. Chris Brown leads a dance competition, while unexpected appearances from midgets on toilets and Birdman add to the eccentricity of the show.

It’s important to note that “Coulda Been Records,” the label portrayed in the show, is a parody label, drawing inspiration from Birdman’s Cash Money Records. The resemblance between their brand logos has sparked controversy, particularly after Birdman caught wind of Druski’s antics.

During an appearance on Undisputed, Druski shed light on the premise of “Coulda Been House,” explaining that contestants from Coulda Been Records compete for a cash prize of $50,000, emphasizing the need for them to earn their opportunities.

The parody label’s resemblance to Cash Money Records prompted a humorous beef between Druski and Birdman, culminating in a staged altercation last year where Birdman and his associates playfully “stole” Druski’s bling during a surprise encounter.

The incident, which garnered attention after Birdman shared a picture of himself with Druski’s chain, was later featured in CCTV footage published by TMZ. However, Druski clarified that the altercation was part of a larger comedic narrative, dismissing the reports and teasing fans with cryptic social media posts.

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With “Coulda Been House,” Druski continues to blur the lines between reality and parody, offering fans a comedic escape into the world of entertainment.

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