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Eminem’s 8 Mile Battle Recreated in Fortnite Following Release of Rapper’s Skins



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Fortnite players can now experience a unique recreation of Eminem’s iconic battle scene from the climax of “8 Mile” within the popular battle royale game. A creative player ingeniously repurposed the intense rap battle finale from the film, complete with the original audio, featuring a Slim Shady skin. Standing opposite Eminem in the virtual showdown is The Falcon from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, portrayed by Anthony Mackie, who coincidentally played Papa Doc in “8 Mile” and faced defeat in the film’s rap battle.

In a typical Fortnite twist, the in-game recreation concludes with Eminem using a gun to defeat The Falcon. The imaginative scene received praise from both Fortnite enthusiasts and Eminem fans, with the rapper’s long-time manager, Paul Rosenberg, expressing his admiration. After a clip of the recreated battle was shared on social media, Rosenberg commented, “I mean… wow!”

Eminem’s presence in Fortnite expanded further on November 29, as three Eminem skins became available in the game. Players can now choose from outfits representing the rap icon in his Slim Shady era, a Rap Boy costume, and a Marshall Never More costume.

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Beyond the virtual world of Fortnite, Eminem is participating in the game’s Big Bang event, marking the transition to chapter five. As part of the event, Eminem will deliver a virtual in-game concert, following the footsteps of previous virtual performances by artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande.

This isn’t Eminem’s first venture into the realm of video games. In 2005, his likeness and voice were featured in “50 Cent: Bulletproof,” where the rapper portrayed a crooked cop. Eminem also contributed original music to Grand Theft Auto V’s DLC pack, “The Contract,” which focused on his friend and collaborator, Dr. Dre.

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Interestingly, Eminem was reportedly considered for a role in a Grand Theft Auto movie in the early 2000s. The offer, involving a $5 million deal directed by Tony Scott, was turned down by Rockstar Games, who were not interested in selling the movie rights to the iconic game franchise.

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