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Experts Weigh In on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Co-Parenting Approach



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In the latest episode of TMZ Investigates set to air on February 5, experts share insights into the co-parenting dynamic between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The former couple, despite facing challenges due to Kanye’s controversial remarks, continues to navigate their roles as parents to their four children.

Dr. Kevin Cokley, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan, suggests that Kim should engage in a conversation with their kids to make it clear that they can love their father without endorsing every statement he makes. Addressing the unacceptable nature of some of Kanye’s comments and providing guidance on discernment is seen as a crucial step in managing the co-parenting relationship.

Psychiatrist Dr. Kyle Smith also weighs in, acknowledging that Kim’s desire to shield her children from certain aspects of Kanye’s behavior may be challenging. Dr. Smith emphasizes that, as their father, it is difficult for Kim to entirely protect the children from their relationship with Kanye, unless extreme circumstances arise.

Dr. Smith points out that parenting with someone like Kanye, known for his unpredictable actions, inevitably comes with a level of chaos. Despite the challenges, Kim and Kanye seem to be on amicable terms currently, as evidenced by their recent joint attendance at their son’s basketball game. Although they were seated separately, the fact that they engaged in conversation suggests a cooperative effort in co-parenting. Additionally, the couple was seen taking their daughter North to Nobu, sparking speculations about her potential involvement in Kanye’s upcoming album, Vultures. The public remains intrigued by the evolving dynamics of Kim and Kanye’s co-parenting journey.

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