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Benzino Hits Back at Joe Budden Amid Eminem Feud



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After Eminem dissed Benzino in his track “Doomsday Pt. 2,” the Boston-born rapper fired back with not one but two diss tracks, declaring himself the victor in their long-standing feud. While Eminem is yet to respond, Joe Budden has taken the opportunity to throw shade at Benzino, aligning himself with any criticism against the veteran rapper.

During a recent episode of his podcast, Budden didn’t hold back, labeling Benzino a clout chaser and culture vulture. He also resurrected old rumors about Benzino’s alleged involvement with transgender model Shauna Brooks. Budden expressed his support for anyone dissing Benzino, stating, “Maybe punching down is back.” He specifically mentioned Benzino’s attempts to emulate a bodybuilder, referencing videos of him emerging from a pool with water glistening off his body.

In response, Benzino questioned Budden’s vivid description of his pool videos, asking, “What the fck is you talking about me coming out of a pool with water glistening on my body for? What the fck was that?” He vehemently denied the allegations regarding Shauna Brooks, stating that he had never met her, let alone had any involvement. Benzino concluded by urging Budden to “ask Melyssa Ford” if he needed clarification.

The Eminem-Benzino feud has sparked a new wave of diss tracks and exchanges, with Joe Budden now joining the fray. As the verbal sparring continues, fans are divided on the winner of this revived rap feud. Share your thoughts on Joe Budden’s comments and Benzino’s response in the comments section below.

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