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Firebase Crew Singer Zex Biliangilangi Arrested Amidst Mystery



Firebase Crew Singer Zex Biliangilangi Arrested Amidst Mystery
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A cloud of uncertainty shrouds the whereabouts of Firebase crew’s vibrant singer, Tadeo Mayega, popularly known as Zex Biliangilangi, following his abrupt arrest by unidentified armed individuals. The “Ratata” dancehall artist found himself in the hands of his captors around 8:45 PM last night, while he was enjoying a casual evening with some of his colleagues at Acacia Mall.

The situation took a sinister turn as he was swiftly bundled into a waiting vehicle, described by eyewitnesses as a drone, before it sped off to an undisclosed destination, leaving those around him in shock. Subsequently, attempts to reach out to the singer have proven futile, as he remains unreachable.

The artist’s arrest followed an alleged altercation at a local bar, which escalated into physical violence and left one individual with a head injury. However, the circumstances that led to Zex Biliangilangi’s arrest remain hazy, and the details surrounding the incident remain scant.

As the news of his disappearance reverberated across social media platforms, the hashtag #FreeZexBilangilangi began trending as friends, fans, and colleagues clamor for answers and his safe return. The search for the missing singer is currently underway as the community rallies to ensure his well-being.

Zex Biliangilangi’s rise to prominence came during the challenging COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, a period during which he produced a string of hit songs that captivated the airwaves. A few months ago, he achieved another milestone by hosting his inaugural concert at KCCA grounds, which witnessed an enthusiastic turnout of revelers. The event was graced by the presence of the renowned artist Bobi Wine, who took to the stage while Zex sat in the VIP section.

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The mystery surrounding his sudden arrest continues to baffle those in the know. As the search intensifies, the reasons behind his abduction remain elusive, leaving many in suspense. Stay tuned as we work to uncover more details regarding this developing story.

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