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Blueface Confirms Authenticity of Engagement Amid Clout Chasing Accusations



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Blueface took to Twitter to reaffirm the authenticity of his commitment to Jaidyn Alexis, emphasizing the genuine nature of their relationship. The “Thotiana” rapper’s message appeared to address his ex, Chrisean Rock, who alleged that their engagement was merely a ploy for attention.

“Jaidyn is the only woman I would kneel for,” Blueface shared, without directly mentioning Rock but referencing the same phrase she used to describe the engagement. He dismissed the notion of using marriage as a publicity stunt, asserting, “this isn’t a stunt for attention. Marrying someone for clout makes no sense.”

During an Instagram Live session, Chrisean Rock expressed her opinions on Blueface and Alexis rekindling their relationship and getting engaged in front of thousands of football fans at a Rams game.

Referring to the ring used for the proposal, Rock stated, “You know that was my ring. I think that whole engagement was probably a publicity stunt.” She cautioned against believing everything on the internet, hinting at the potential for people to take advantage of public attention.

Rock indicated that she would provide clarification about the situation on Cam Newton’s show, intending to address the ongoing speculations.

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Blueface’s proposal to Jaidyn Alexis occurred earlier at a Los Angeles Rams vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game at SoFi Stadium. The rapper, prior to the proposal, expressed his nervousness but his certainty about the affirmative response he expected.

The video of the proposal captured the emotional moment as Blueface went down on one knee, asked the question, and received a positive response from Alexis, sealing the moment with a ring and a heartfelt kiss.

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The couple, who have two children together, a son named Javaughn and a daughter named Journey, solidified their relationship in the public eye, while Blueface has another child with Chrisean Rock.

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