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Boosie Badazz Calls Out Inaccuracies in Documentary Depicting His Life



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Boosie Badazz has expressed dissatisfaction with a recently released YouTube documentary by Swamp Stories, titled “Rap’s Alleged Serial Killer, EXPOSING The Evil Life of Boosie in Detail,” highlighting what he claims are multiple inaccuracies regarding his personal life and relationships.

In a series of tweets shared on Saturday, the Baton Rouge native criticized the documentary, stating that details about his father, friends, and deceased rapper “Lil” Ivy Smith were grossly misrepresented. Boosie clarified that the documentary wrongly portrayed his father’s name and his connection with friends, emphasizing that the production was filled with falsehoods and inaccuracies.

Boosie addressed the misrepresentations regarding his relationship with “Lil” Ivy Smith, refuting claims that “Lil” Ivy was supposed to be signed by Trill Entertainment. He clarified that Ivy was a boss in his own right, signing his artists, and the two of them were not on bad terms, as suggested by the documentary.

Expressing his frustration, Boosie highlighted that the documentary falsely insinuated his involvement in the deaths of his close friends and condemned the attempts to portray him negatively, emphasizing that these were baseless accusations.

Previously critical of similar productions, Boosie also mentioned Trap Lore Ross’ documentary about King Von, asserting that such portrayals are misleading and lack an accurate understanding of the events they depict.

In response to the backlash, the British filmmaker, Ross, mentioned during an earlier interview that figures in the hip-hop industry criticized the documentary without watching it in its entirety. He called for a complete viewing of the documentary to understand its comprehensive portrayal.

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The documentary on King Von by Ross was widely criticized for its alleged connection of the late rapper to multiple murders. Despite being initially removed from YouTube, it was later re-uploaded.

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