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B.G. Hints at Hot Boys Reunion Despite Lil Wayne Diss in Recent Track



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After his release from prison in September, B.G. has been actively engaging in the music scene, collaborating with old partners like Finesse2Tymes on the new track “Gangstafied.” However, the song stirred controversy as B.G. referred to Lil Wayne as a “b*tch” in his lyrics, raising eyebrows due to their shared history. B.G. took to social media to address the line, emphasizing that things can be complicated and expressing his continued regard for Lil Wayne as family.

During a recent Instagram Live session, B.G. teased the possibility of a Hot Boys reunion, asserting that he would be the “glue” to bring the group back together. Despite the diss in “Gangstafied,” he professed his love for Lil Wayne, suggesting that Weezy might be upset with him but expressing a desire to mend any differences.

“Hot Boys reunion, man, shout out to Juvie,” B.G. exclaimed. Directing his message to Lil Wayne, he stated, “Weezy, you know I love you. You might be mad at me, but yeah, I love you, man.” B.G. continued by expressing optimism about resolving any conflicts, saying, “Once I’m able to move around, I’mma be the glue to this sht. Instead of me just pulling up on people, we’re gonna figure this sht out.”

What are your thoughts on B.G.’s desire to facilitate a Hot Boys reunion despite his recent diss towards Lil Wayne? Do you think a reunion would be a good idea? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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