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Lil Wayne Reveals Evolved Reasons for Abandoning Pen and Paper in Lyric Writing



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In a recent appearance on FOX Sports’ UNDISPUTED, Lil Wayne confessed that the days of writing down his lyrics have come to an end due to feeling “too old and too tired” to rely on paper while in the recording booth. The 41-year-old artist, who once drew inspiration from JAY-Z to shift away from writing his bars, now cites different reasons for adopting a paperless approach.

Expressing gratitude for technology, Lil Wayne highlighted how he no longer transcribes his thoughts onto paper but instead relies on his iPhone to capture voice memos. Explaining his method to co-hosts Michael Irvin and Skip Bayless, he clarified that the evolution in his process isn’t about achieving a milestone but rather a practical adjustment to aid his recording sessions.

Reflecting on JAY-Z’s influence, Wayne shared insights during an interview on The Pivot Podcast earlier in the summer. He credited JAY-Z for compelling him to discard his notebook after learning that the rap icon composed verses off the top of his head without jotting down any lyrics. Recalling an anecdote from their past, Lil Wayne mentioned creating the track “10,000 Bars” in 2002, a 35-minute rap marathon, marking the last time he rapped using written verses. The discarded paper pieces were even picked up by the microphone during the recording.

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Further revealing his artistic evolution, Lil Wayne recounted a moment when he faced critique from Birdman for inadvertently sounding like JAY-Z while rapping. He acknowledged how finding a favorite artist can subconsciously influence one’s sound, leading to a reprimand from Birdman, who reminded him to maintain his unique identity and steer clear of imitating JAY-Z.

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This latest revelation showcases Lil Wayne’s journey, from initially emulating and being inspired by JAY-Z’s writing style to transitioning to an organic, paperless method of recording his lyrical prowess.

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