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Former Diddy Bodyguard Roger Bonds’s Instagram Vanishes Following Abuse Allegations



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Earlier this month, Cassie made serious allegations against Diddy, accusing him of rape, physical and emotional abuse, among other charges. Despite reaching a settlement after she filed her complaint, Diddy maintains it wasn’t an admission of guilt. The shocking accusations have resonated with fans, and additional accounts of Diddy’s alleged abusive behavior are emerging.

This week, Diddy’s former bodyguard, Roger Bonds, came forward with his experiences working for the mogul, alleging that he witnessed Diddy physically assault Cassie on multiple occasions. Bonds also accused Diddy of abusing other women in his presence. In a clip, Bonds is heard saying, “I was sick of having to cover up everything that you did.” Shortly after making these claims, Bonds’ Instagram page mysteriously vanished.

While the reason for the deletion remains unclear, speculation abounds on social media. Some suggest Diddy may have threatened or paid off Bonds, while others posit that Bonds chose to delete his page due to the increased attention his claims have garnered.

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Cassie explicitly mentioned Bonds in her lawsuit, describing an incident where he attempted to intervene to prevent Diddy from allegedly assaulting her. The lawsuit stated, “Roger Bonds tried to stop the beating but was unable to deescalate the situation. When the car arrived at Mr. Combs’ residence, Ms. Ventura attempted to run away, but Mr. Combs followed her and proceeded to again kick her in the face. Ms. Ventura was bleeding profusely and was ushered into Mr. Combs’ home, where she began to throw up from the violent assault.”

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The sudden disappearance of Bonds’ Instagram page has sparked discussions about the implications of his accusations and the potential pressure he may be facing.

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