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Former Friend Alleges Disturbing Details of Meek Mill’s Treatment Towards Nicki Minaj During Relationship



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The complexities of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s past relationship have taken a darker turn as a former friend of Meek’s has come forward with disturbing allegations regarding their time together. The pair, who dated from 2015 to 2017, experienced various significant moments during their relationship, including Meek’s beef with Drake.

Recently, Meek’s ex-friend took to Instagram Live to share unsettling stories about the rapper’s alleged mistreatment of Nicki. The claims include incidents of Meek spitting on her, kicking her out of the house and leaving her alone, and overall displaying deep insecurity throughout their relationship. These revelations shed light on a different, less amusing side of their past.

While Meek Mill and Rick Ross collaborated on the album “Too Good To Be True” last year, their joint project received mixed reviews from critics. Despite facing criticism for its modest commercial performance, Meek and Ross emphasized the importance of owning their music and creative process over prioritizing high sales.

In a surprising statement last week, Meek Mill declared himself “too rich for beef” and expressed a lack of interest in engaging in feuds. The recent allegations from his ex-friend provide a new perspective on Meek’s past relationship with Nicki Minaj. Share your thoughts on these revelations and whether you believe the allegations in the comments section below.

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