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Playboi Carti’s 2022 High-Speed Arrest Footage Emerges, Fans React



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Playboi Carti finds himself in the spotlight once again as body cam footage of his 2022 arrest for speeding has surfaced online. The rapper was pulled over for driving 133mph in a 55mph zone, resulting in his arrest. In the recently released video, Carti attempts to justify his driving, but the officer remains unconvinced.

Fans reacting to the footage acknowledge the dangerous nature of Carti’s actions, with some expressing understanding toward the arresting officer. Jokes in the comments reference Carti’s high-pitched rapping style, suggesting he should have used his infamous baby voice to avoid trouble.

Despite legal issues, Playboi Carti has been teasing a potential new era with a series of new songs on YouTube, generating excitement among fans. However, the anticipated tour, featuring Homixide Gang, Ken Carson, Destroy Lonely, and Carti himself, has faced repeated delays. Fans speculate that a lawsuit involving Homixide Gang and Live Nation, stemming from an on-stage incident last year, may be contributing to the tour’s postponements.

While Carti hasn’t confirmed a release date for his new album, fans are enjoying the recent singles. His last album was released over three years ago on Christmas Day 2020. Share your thoughts on the newly surfaced arrest video and whether you believe the police were justified in the comments section below.

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