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Former Mbale District Vice Chairperson Demands Accountability for District-Acquired Motorcycles



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During a budget conference held on Wednesday, November 1st, at Malukhu Lukhobo Hall, the former vice chairperson of Mbale District Local Government and Bungokho Sub County councilor, Tonny Wamakale, pressed the district executive for accountability regarding two motorcycles procured by the district in 2022.

Mbale district had acquired two motorcycles through its finance department to aid tax collection officers in their fieldwork.

Wamakale raised concerns about the lack of reported income generated since the procurement of these motorcycles, despite the council’s initial approval and funding for their purchase.

He called upon the district chairperson, Mohamed Mafabi, and the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to publicly address and provide councilors with a detailed explanation regarding the revenue generated due to the acquisition of these motorcycles.

Responding to the demand, Kenneth Wamanga, the Mbale District Chief Financial Officer, acknowledged the positive impact of the motorcycles on improving tax collection. He disclosed that in the 2021/22 financial year, the district amassed 600 million shillings, which increased to 800 million in the 2022/23 fiscal year. However, in the ongoing 2023/24 financial year, the district witnessed a dip in collection, down to 400 million, as Mbale City annexed several sub-counties, resulting in decreased revenue for the district.

Mafabi, the LCV chairperson, dismissed Wamakale’s approach as an attempt to engage in “cheap politics.” He advised Wamakale to seek answers through appropriate channels, approaching relevant authorities rather than raising such issues within the council.

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