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S.4 Candidate Beats Up Teacher, Misses History Paper



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A student, identified as an S.4 candidate from Kitayundwa Seed Secondary School in Kamuli district, missed sitting for their History 241 paper after reportedly assaulting a teacher, resulting in police involvement.

The unnamed candidate allegedly turned violent on October 24, 2023, leading to an altercation where a teacher was attacked. Consequently, the candidate was instructed to present themselves for the East Africa History paper under police escort.

Jennifer Kalule, the UNEB Principal PRO, confirmed that unfortunately, the candidate arrived 15 minutes after the paper had commenced, leading to their exclusion from the exam.

In a separate incident in Rukungiri, another candidate missed a paper on October 25 after being injured in a dispute with a fellow student over a memory card.

During this altercation, Ndyamuhaki was reportedly wounded by Promise Nuwamanya, who allegedly used a machete, necessitating immediate medical attention. Regrettably, Ndyamuhaki was unable to reach the examination center within the stipulated 15 minutes.

Interestingly, despite the violent episode, Nuwamanya managed to sit for the exam while the assault case was reported to Rukungiri Police Station.

These events have raised concerns about the safety and security of examination environments, impacting students’ ability to participate in crucial exams. The disruptions stemming from these altercations not only affected the candidates involved but also hindered the smooth conduct of the exams, prompting necessary interventions and investigations by relevant authorities.

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