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Safety Concerns Heighten as Nakhaya Bridge in Namisindwa District Nears Collapse



The Nakhaya Bridge, situated in Buwatuwa Sub County of Namisindwa district, linking the district to Manafwa, faces imminent collapse, stirring alarm and raising safety concerns among local leaders and residents.

Buwatuwa Sub County, located in the southern region, is grappling with a pressing issue related to the deteriorating condition of the Nakhaya bridge along Buwabwala-Nasongwe Road. This vital bridge serves as a critical linkage between Manafwa town council and Buwatuwa and Bukhabusi Sub Counties.

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For over two years, the bridge, constructed over a decade ago to support heavy traffic and large vehicles, has been steadily deteriorating. Local leaders are expressing growing anxiety about the safety of individuals reliant on this bridge for daily transit.

Walimbwa Wilson, the Buwatuwa Sub county councilor LCV, highlighted the visible signs of wear and tear on the bridge. He emphasized the emergence of cracks in the concrete pillars supporting the structure, alongside rusting of the metal beams essential for its stability.

According to Mwelu Abneli, Buwabwala Parish Councilor in Buwatuwa Sub County, local leaders have persistently raised concerns about the bridge’s deplorable state, yet their appeals have not elicited a response from district authorities. This negligence in addressing the maintenance or replacement of the bridge is creating a precarious situation for the community.

The impact is significant, as many individuals heavily rely on this bridge for their daily commutes to work, school, and various places. The dilapidated condition not only jeopardizes their lives but disrupts their routines and daily activities.

Bwayo Emma, the Namisindwa district Male Youth Councilor, commended the efforts of local leaders in drawing attention to the issue. He emphasized the urgency for the authorities to heed their concerns and swiftly take measures to repair or replace the bridge before a potential catastrophe.

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Walyaula Davis, the chairperson of the works and technical services committee for Namisindwa district council, acknowledged the recent repairs on the Wabwala-Nasongwe Road. However, he cited a lack of financial resources as a barrier preventing the district from addressing the maintenance of crucial bridges, expressing a need for urgent intervention in the face of this deteriorating infrastructure.

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