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Gillie Da Kid Teases About R. Kelly Beating Wallo in Prison Talent Show



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In the realm of hip-hop and street legends, stories of incredible journeys to success often surprise us. Wallo 267, now celebrated as a motivational speaker and the charismatic host of the popular podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game, is one such figure whose path is notable. Before achieving fame in the culture, he endured a 20-year sentence in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections for an armed robbery conviction, entering prison at 17 and exiting at 37. His remarkable life transition was documented in a petition, and today, his tales from behind bars are engagingly shared on his podcast.

Recently, Gillie Da Kid, a prominent figure in Philly rap and a member of the Major Figgas group with Wallo, playfully teased his cousin in good humor on social media. Gillie’s light-hearted Instagram post, featuring R. Kelly’s singing performance, gently poked fun at Wallo’s series of prison talent show wins. Gillie’s caption humorously hinted that even Wallo’s impressive performances might have met their match against R. Kelly’s talent in a hypothetical prison competition.

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Gillie’s post showcased the strong family bond between the two cousins and the unique humor prevalent in the hip-hop community. Despite the subject being light-hearted, it highlighted the resilience, camaraderie, and lightheartedness that permeate this industry. Wallo’s journey from incarceration to podcast fame is genuinely inspiring, and it’s heartening to see family members, such as Gillie, celebrating his success with affectionate jests.

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