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Human Rights Advocate Clinton Mirrors Sounds Urgent Alarm on Uganda’s Dire Human Rights Situation



During an important interview on Xavier Radio Online hosted by Male Deogratius, human rights defender Clinton Mirrors conveyed a poignant message about the condition of human rights and politics in Uganda, urging his fellow Ugandans to remain attentive and ready for forthcoming shifts.

  1. Addressing Challenges Under the Museveni Regime: Mirrors spoke unequivocally, cautioning Ugandans against disregarding the Museveni regime. He highlighted the dangers of complacency and encouraged citizens to critically evaluate the government’s actions and motives.
  2. The Deterioration of the Uganda Human Rights Commission: Clinton Mirrors made a bold statement, asserting that the Uganda Human Rights Commission has forfeited its credibility. He alleged that the Commission operates under the direct influence of President Yoweri Museveni, thus incapable of delivering justice to Ugandans.
  3. Concerns Regarding Departing Political Activists: Mirrors shed light on the plights of political activists who felt compelled to flee Uganda not by choice but due to fear for their safety. He emphasized the challenging circumstances faced by those who dare to voice opposition against the present regime.
  4. Envisioning Uganda Under Robert Kyaguranyi: Offering a forward-looking perspective, Clinton Mirrors portrayed a vision of Uganda under the leadership of His Excellency Robert Kyaguranyi. He stressed the significance of the youthful demographic, with 78 percent aged between 16 and 35, underlining the need for leaders who resonate with their aspirations.
  5. Disputing Allegations Against NUP Supporters: Mirrors vehemently opposed circulating allegations about National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters being disorderly or violent. He framed these claims as part of a broader disinformation campaign aimed at smearing the reputation of the NUP.

Clinton Mirrors urged his fellow countrymen and women to prepare themselves for the uncertainties of the future. His interview acted as a stark reminder of the ongoing discussions about leadership succession and human rights in Uganda, emphasizing the necessity for transparent and inclusive governance. As Uganda moves forward, the words of activists like Clinton Mirrors will undoubtedly resonate with those striving for a fairer and more just future.

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