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Law Development Centre Addresses High Failure Rates Among Bar Course Students



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The Law Development Centre (LDC) has shed light on the underlying factors contributing to the high failure rates among Bar Course students, attributing it to the inadequately prepared graduates emerging from Ugandan universities. According to Annette Karungi, Head of the Bar Course at LDC, the nine-month program falls short in addressing the significant knowledge and skill gaps of these students.

Karungi made these remarks during her appearance before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, where the LDC was invited to defend the 2024/25 ministerial policy statement. She highlighted the diverse backgrounds of students coming from 14 different universities, both within and outside the country, each with varying curricula and levels of preparedness.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by these knowledge gaps, Karungi emphasized the difficulty in bridging them within the limited duration of the Bar Course. Her statements came in response to concerns raised by West Budama MP, Fox Odoi, regarding the LDC’s oversight in providing information on student performance.

Yusuf Mutembuli, the Committee’s Vice Chairperson, questioned the discrepancy between the number of graduating students and the total class size. Karungi clarified that out of the 1,963 students admitted in the 2022/23 academic year, only 770 passed outright. Additionally, supplementary exams were administered, with pending results expected to impact graduation numbers.

Karungi expressed optimism that the graduation figures would improve once the supplementary exam results are released. However, as of the current data, only 770 students out of the 1,963 admitted have been included in the graduation list.

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