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Icewear Vezzo Rejects Benzino’s Attempt to Drag Him into Eminem Feud



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Icewear Vezzo has pushed back against Benzino, who attempted to involve him in the revived feud with Eminem. In a diss track titled “Rap Elvis,” Benzino referenced past comments made by Vezzo regarding Eminem’s perceived lack of support for their city.

Benzino rapped, “Icewear Vezzo said that Em don’t be showing the city love/ Why you ain’t got no words for him, huh? He in your city, bruh!”

Responding to the mention, Vezzo took to Instagram on Wednesday (January 31) to address Benzino. In a video, he stated, “Say, Benzino, it’s all gangsta, ya heard? I did fed time with your big brother. But check it out, I don’t think it made sense that you brought me up in a diss song for a few reasons.”

Vezzo clarified that he doesn’t endorse Benzino’s claims and emphasized his loyalty to his city, stating, “I’m never going against a n-gga from my city for a n-gga from another city. I don’t go against the grain, we don’t move like that. I think you got the wrong impression of Detroit, Michigan, and of who I am.”

He defended his past comments about Eminem, praising the rap legend as a “top five lyricist dead or alive” and highlighting Eminem’s contributions to the local scene. Vezzo made it clear that he holds Eminem in high regard and emphasized that there was no need for Benzino to involve him in the dispute.

Royce Da 5’9″, another prominent figure from Detroit, shared Vezzo’s video on his Instagram page, endorsing Vezzo’s sentiments with a saluting face emoji.

Vezzo’s earlier comments about Eminem, made in a 2020 interview with HipHopDX, suggested a disconnect between Eminem and the local community. However, any tension between them was resolved three years later when they met backstage at a 50 Cent concert in Detroit. Vezzo shared a photo of the encounter on Instagram, referring to Eminem as his “biggest inspiration.”

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As Eminem’s feud with Benzino reignites, Vezzo makes it clear that he won’t be drawn into the conflict, emphasizing his loyalty to his city and admiration for Eminem.

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