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IGG Explains Decision to Drop Charges Against Former UNBS Director David Ebiru



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In a recent development, the Office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) defended its decision to withdraw charges against David Livingstone Ebiru, the former Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) Executive Director. Patricia Achan, the Deputy IGG, clarified that the Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities, and State Enterprises (COSASE) had provided proceedings but lacked the necessary evidence of the Board Members’ involvement in soliciting the alleged bribe, making it challenging for the IGG to sustain bribery charges against Ebiru in court.

Responding to criticisms for removing the charges without detailed explanations, Achan emphasized that the IGG isn’t mandated to provide public explanations under the Inspectorate of Government Act. She stated that the office was unable to procure additional evidence presented by COSASE to substantiate the allegations.

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During a media interview at Parliament, Achan highlighted the difficulties faced by the Inspectorate in pinning Ebiru on corruption-related charges, citing that mere confessions require collaborative evidence due to the high standard of proof in court. She noted the insufficiency of evidence gathered by the IG office to support the allegations in court.

Achan explained the legal requirement of presenting substantial evidence and the necessity of proving the involvement of both the giver and taker in corruption cases, emphasizing that investigations led nowhere, compelling the withdrawal of the case against Ebiru.

The Deputy IGG underscored that while they aren’t obliged to justify their decisions, the controversial nature of this particular case prompted the explanation. She further mentioned that if the Minister of Trade fails to substantiate the case against Ebiru, he could resume his office, indicating that the allegations against him remain unproven.

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This response by the IGG follows the remarks made by COSASE Chairperson, Joel Ssenyonyi, expressing disagreement with the IGG’s decision to drop corruption charges against Ebiru, despite presenting substantial evidence of Ebiru’s alleged confession to a 100 million Shilling bribe to extend his contract.

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