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J. Cole Reacts to Fan’s Demo Tape During “It’s All a Blur — Big As The What?” Tour Kickoff



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Drake and J. Cole embarked on their highly-anticipated “It’s All a Blur — Big As The What?” tour last week, starting with a performance in Tampa. The dynamic duo wasted no time in grabbing headlines, with their tour outfits, stage props, announcements, and on-stage antics capturing audience attention.

One particular moment from the tour’s kickoff has been circulating online, showcasing J. Cole’s reaction to an audience member throwing their demo tape at him. As the CD crashed onto the stage and burst out of its case, an audible gasp rippled through the crowd. However, J. Cole remained composed, calmly walking past the CD before eventually kicking it off the stage.

“Na threw his demo up here,” J. Cole remarked, adding, “It’s 2024, na. USB is okay.” While some observers criticized J. Cole for not giving the demo a listen, others speculated that he simply didn’t want to risk tripping over it during the show.

The incident sparked discussions about alternative methods of promoting music in the digital age, contrasting with J. Cole’s own experience of handing out demos. In a 2009 interview with ABC News, he recalled his early attempts to get noticed in the music industry, including waiting in the rain outside the Roc the Mic studio in NYC to hand his CD to Jay-Z. However, Jay-Z’s response was not as hopeful as J. Cole had envisioned, with the rap mogul bluntly stating, “Man, I don’t want that.”

The fan’s demo tape incident serves as a reminder of the evolving landscape of music promotion, prompting reflection on traditional methods in the digital era. What are your thoughts on the fan’s action and J. Cole’s response during the “It’s All a Blur — Big As The What?” tour kickoff? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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