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Jamie Foxx Laughs Off Cloning Conspiracy Theories at AAFCA Awards



During his acceptance speech for the Producer Award at the African-American Film Critics Association Awards, Jamie Foxx couldn’t resist addressing the bizarre conspiracy theories that have circulated about him being cloned. Tongue-in-cheek, he quipped about his unexpected disappearance from the public eye due to a health issue last year, which sparked the rumors.

Reflecting on his time away, Foxx humorously hinted at his illness and the wild theories that emerged in his absence. “I’ll be going back to my stand-up sort of roots, and I’ll tell you in my way,” he joked, teasing a future comedy special titled ‘What Had Happened Was.’ “It’s got all the things that have happened—especially on our side in our community. Being cloned and all kinds of sht. N***s will come up with anything.”

Foxx recounted the absurdity of the clone rumors, narrating scenarios where people refused to believe he was the real Jamie Foxx. “‘That ain’t no goddamn Jamie, that’s a clone!’” he mimicked, describing encounters where fans questioned his identity, even in everyday situations. “I dove out of a car to save this Black woman’s purse, and I’m taking a picture, and they go, ‘That ain’t no damn Jamie, that’s a clone!’”

Injecting humor into the situation, Foxx also addressed the scrutiny he faced over his romantic relationships. “But then they saw me with a white girl. ‘That’s Jamie! You know he love them white bitches!’” he joked, poking fun at the double standards often imposed on public figures.

While Foxx’s speech brought laughter to the audience, the AAFCA Awards night was filled with star-studded moments, with celebrities like Jonathan Majors, Meagan Good, and Nia Long gracing the event.

Although Foxx didn’t provide further details about his upcoming comedy special, fans can expect more hilarity and wit from the versatile entertainer. Stay tuned for updates on Jamie Foxx and his projects.

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