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Kid Cudi Hints at Indicud 2, Fans Buzz with Excitement



Kid Cudi, a luminary in the hip-hop world, continues to captivate fans with his unique creativity and genuine connection through music. The Cleveland icon’s ability to resonate with listeners on a profound level has earned him widespread admiration, with many attributing his music to saving lives. Even fellow artists like Travis Scott have expressed gratitude for Cudi’s impact on their lives.

Known for his approachable demeanor and active engagement with fans on social media, Kid Cudi recently stirred excitement among his followers with a series of tweets teasing new music, specifically Indicud 2.

This isn’t the first time the multi-talented artist has tantalized fans with upcoming projects. Kid Cudi previously built anticipation for his releases INSANO and its swift follow-up INSANO (NITRO MEGA). However, it was Indicud that stood out as a significant achievement, both commercially and artistically. The album secured a notable #2 placement on the Billboard Hot 200, selling over 139,000 units, according to HipHopDX. Notably, Indicud marked Cudi’s inaugural solo-produced record, adding to its significance.

Responding to a fan’s praise for the project, describing it as “flawless,” Kid Cudi reflected on the album’s creation, expressing pride in its success. “Idk what was in my soul at the time, Idk if I was possessed by something haha but that is truly one of my greatest achievements. First #2 record. All by myself,” he shared. Encouraged by the fan’s enthusiasm, Cudi entertained the idea of producing another record, teasing the possibility of Indicud part 2.

The prospect of a sequel to Indicud has sparked excitement among fans, many of whom fondly recall the 2013 project and its impact. As discussions around Indicud 2 unfold, fans eagerly await more updates from Kid Cudi and continue to celebrate his contributions to the hip-hop genre.

What are your thoughts on Kid Cudi hinting at a possible release of Indicud 2? Is Indicud your favorite project of his, and do you still listen to it? Share your thoughts and favorite tracks in the comments below.

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