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Bernice King Responds to Jonathan Majors’ Reference to Coretta Scott King



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Jonathan Majors’ recent use of Coretta Scott King’s name to describe his partner, Meagan Good, has drawn a response from Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter, Bernice King. The disgraced actor referred to Good as his “Coretta,” and Bernice King took to Twitter to express her disapproval, emphasizing that her mother was more than just a “prop.”

In her tweet, Bernice stated, “My mother wasn’t a prop. She was a peace advocate before she met my father and was instrumental in him speaking out against the Vietnam War. Please understand…my mama was a force.” She also shared a link to an article she wrote in 2017, titled “A Woman Purposed To Be A King,” where she reflected on the strength and success of Coretta King.

In the article, Bernice highlighted her mother’s role as a peace advocate and courageous leader, emphasizing Coretta’s accomplishments before becoming a King. The tweet and the linked article suggest Bernice’s perspective on Coretta Scott King as more than just a supporting figure in her father’s life.

Jonathan Majors made the original comments during an interview on Good Morning America, where he referred to Good as his “Coretta,” praising her for supporting him. Majors also invoked Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama in an audio clip from a heated argument with his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, surfaced during his assault trial.

Bernice King’s response adds to the ongoing conversation about the use of historical figures’ names in personal contexts and the importance of recognizing their individual contributions. Further updates on Jonathan Majors and any reactions to Bernice King’s response will be monitored.

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