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JAY-Z Reveals Blue Ivy’s Original Name and Adorable Origin of Her Moniker



JAY-Z Reveals Blue Ivy's Original Name and Adorable Origin of Her Moniker
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In an engaging two-part interview with Gayle King on CBS Mornings, JAY-Z opened up about the original name plans for his oldest daughter, Blue Ivy, sharing that her name was initially going to be “Brooklyn.” The name was intended as a tribute to the New York borough, which holds special significance to the rapper.

However, JAY-Z explained that during the pregnancy, upon viewing the sonograms, they affectionately referred to the fetus as a “blueberry” due to its small size. The term “blueberry” became an endearing nickname for the unborn child throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Eventually, the name Blue Ivy naturally evolved from this playful moniker by simply removing the “berry.”

Throughout the candid conversation, JAY-Z affectionately spoke about Blue Ivy, the first child of the famous couple, Beyoncé and himself. He mentioned instances where Blue initially downplayed her father’s coolness but later sought his advice on her fashion choices, reflecting a classic father-daughter dynamic.

Jay revealed a humorous episode where Blue challenged his coolness, to which he responded in a light-hearted manner, emphasizing his status as the “cool dad.”

Moreover, JAY-Z delved into the early days of his music career, shedding light on how he earned the moniker ‘One Take Hov.’ He explained that this nickname originated from the recording process using actual tape, which necessitated precision since errors meant a complete retake. His ability to record songs in one take was a testament to his thorough preparation, enabling him to avoid time-consuming retakes and revisions in the era of recording to analog tape.

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