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Joe Budden and Tasha K Reconcile After Recent Feud Over Unreleased Interview



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Joe Budden and Tasha K have resolved their recent dispute concerning an unreleased interview featured on The Joe Budden Podcast. The reconciliation unfolded in a series of exchanged texts shared by both parties on Instagram over the weekend.

The conversation began with Tasha K expressing her concerns: “Please make sure that the viewers can’t see up my dress. I’m a married woman and mother.” In response, Budden’s initial texts humorously acknowledged the misunderstanding: “Oh… Stupid me thinking you might lead with an apology lol. But duly noted, I got you lol.” Tasha then expressed remorse for her previous heated comments: “I apologized in a full video. But I apologize for cursing you out. Now your turn.” Upon Tasha K’s posting of the screenshots on Instagram, Budden commented, “Apology accepted Tasha.”

Fans were pleased to witness the resolution between Joe Budden and Tasha K. One user expressed their evolving perspective: “You know in the past I was torn at times with how I felt about you mam but I respect you and truly love the authenticity and rawness and also how you know to address when you are wrong! Now I can’t stop watching you! If you leak it there is always some truth to it no matter what the naysayers say.” Many followers urged for the release of the video interview.

Budden had previously refrained from releasing the interview due to legal concerns arising from Cardi B’s lawsuit against Tasha K. In a September episode of his show “Joe Budden After Hours,” he explained, “Like I already told her, that interview was a problem legally, financially, and algorithmically. It was a lot going on in that interview. It would be foolish of me to just put out an interview with the girl that just got sued and lost for $4 million without checking this.” Stay tuned for further updates on the evolving dynamics between Joe Budden and Tasha K.

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