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Jonathan Majors Prioritizes Gym Workouts Amidst New Lawsuit



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Jonathan Majors finds himself entangled in legal and personal turmoil as ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari files a civil lawsuit against him, alleging abuse and defamation. Although Jabbari secured a victory in a criminal trial against Majors earlier this year, with Majors awaiting sentencing, he appears nonchalant about the situation, as seen during a recent interview at an LA gym with TMZ. In the same interview, Majors affectionately referred to his current partner, Meagan Good, as “his heart.”

Majors has been frequently spotted at the gym, particularly amid rumors of potential new film roles. TMZ reports that Majors recently auditioned in LA and has been training rigorously with specialist trainers, though details about the project remain undisclosed. Despite his legal battles, Majors continues to divide his time between LA and New York, prioritizing work and fitness in the former and enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle with Good in the latter.

However, Jabbari’s lawsuit is not Majors’ sole concern from his past. Two other women, Emma Duncan and Maura Hooper, have come forward with allegations of physical and emotional abuse against him, echoing claims previously mentioned in a Rolling Stone exposé. Duncan recounted a disturbing incident from 2016 where Majors allegedly exhibited violent behavior, while Hooper described him as “deeply controlling.” Majors has denied these accusations, although his attorney acknowledged his client’s remorse for his past actions.

Additionally, “Anna,” another woman who initially chose to remain anonymous, revealed her experience with Majors to The Cut, claiming she received a threatening letter linked to Majors’ legal representation. Despite the denial of involvement from Majors’ attorney, these allegations further complicate Majors’ legal and public relations challenges.

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As the legal proceedings unfold and allegations continue to surface, Jonathan Majors faces an uncertain future, both personally and professionally.

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